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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubMetropolitan CupMetropolitan Cup
Adam, Matthew WRandwick Petersham Cricket Club44
Adhikari, ShashwatGordon Cricket Club44
Ahire, ValmikRandwick Petersham Cricket Club44
Ahmed, Mohammad IUniversity of NSW Cricket Club33
Akle, SebastianNorth West Sydney Cricket Club44
Ansari, AmaanGeorges River Cricket Club33
Arvind, SaaranganSydney University Cricket Club11
Asher, RishabhNorth West Sydney Cricket Club22
Balasubramanian, SabharinathNorth West Sydney Cricket Club11
Balbi, MosesBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club22
Ballard, MasonSydney University Cricket Club44
Bansal, ManasGordon Cricket Club33
Basnayake, RavinduGordon Cricket Club22
Bensemann, JackNorth West Sydney Cricket Club44
Bhandari, MaanavGordon Cricket Club22
Bhat, AshishRandwick Petersham Cricket Club22
Bhooi, RoopBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club22
Bisht, MehulHawkesbury Cricket Club22
Blanda, NicholasGeorges River Cricket Club11
Boxshall, BenHawkesbury Cricket Club22
Boyd, Lachlan JHawkesbury Cricket Club11
Boyes, LukePenrith Cricket Club22
Brar, DamanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club11
Brown, ChrisMosman Cricket Club11
Burton, PaulNorth West Sydney Cricket Club44
Cain, HenrySydney University Cricket Club33
Calvert, CoreyMosman Cricket Club33
Chakravarty, ArjunWarringah Cricket Club11
Chan, JamesSydney University Cricket Club33
Chandler-Evans, Oliver RMosman Cricket Club11
Chandrasekar, ShrisaiBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club22
Chowdhury, Fidah WUniversity of NSW Cricket Club22
Coates-Grayson, BenjaminUniversity of NSW Cricket Club22
Cole, TomWarringah Cricket Club11
Cotton, MitchellSydney University Cricket Club22
Crawford, ThomasSydney University Cricket Club22
Curtis-Burton, RyanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club44
Daji, KaylinMosman Cricket Club22
Dalvi, YuvrajSydney University Cricket Club44
Dasanayake, Don Dulaj MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club44
Day, PatrickWarringah Cricket Club11
De Silva, CharithRandwick Petersham Cricket Club33
Dellow, DanielNorth West Sydney Cricket Club22
Dent, RaymondPenrith Cricket Club22
Desai, NimeshRandwick Petersham Cricket Club44
Dhaliwal, HarveerPenrith Cricket Club44
Dharman, VijayakumarMosman Cricket Club22
Dignam, MarkWarringah Cricket Club11
Dole, AmaanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club33
Dole, AmeenNorth West Sydney Cricket Club33