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Grade Type 
Match Format 

1 Rajesh, AlvinRandwick Petersham Cricket Club750000
2 Patel, VrajRandwick Petersham Cricket Club750000
3 Basnayake, RavinduGordon Cricket Club240000
4 Beaumont, AngusRandwick Petersham Cricket Club440000
5 Downs, JimmyWarringah Cricket Club540000
6 Krishna, AdithyaBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club440000
7 Liyanage, SureshPenrith Cricket Club640000
8 Evans, WarrenWarringah Cricket Club840000
9 Tupper, DanielHawkesbury Cricket Club440000
10 North, WyattPenrith Cricket Club530000
11 Murphy, JoelGeorges River Cricket Club330000
12 Saeed, Daanyal MSydney University Cricket Club631010
13 Tahir, TalhahRandwick Petersham Cricket Club530000
14 Robson, JoshuaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club430000
15 Stewart, JohnRandwick Petersham Cricket Club630000
16 Crawford, ThomasSydney University Cricket Club330010
17 Adam, Matthew WRandwick Petersham Cricket Club530010
18 Burton, PaulNorth West Sydney Cricket Club430000
19 Dole, AmeenNorth West Sydney Cricket Club830000
20 Rasheed, AsifRandwick Petersham Cricket Club630020
21 Jameson, William KUniversity of NSW Cricket Club130000
22 Khoo, E-YoungRandwick Petersham Cricket Club830000
23 Xu, AlanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club520000
24 Cain, HenrySydney University Cricket Club520000
25 Escott, JoshuaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club520001
26 Carew, Dayle HUniversity of NSW Cricket Club120000
27 Sharma, Tushar KSydney University Cricket Club320000
28 Day, PatrickWarringah Cricket Club720000
29 Rehman, AshjaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club520000
30 Perrignon, Lucas WGordon Cricket Club320000
31 Boyes, LukePenrith Cricket Club420001
32 Russell, AshtonPenrith Cricket Club120000
33 Calvert, CoreyMosman Cricket Club620000
34 Howard, NelsonGeorges River Cricket Club320000
35 Rajesh, AthulUniversity of NSW Cricket Club520000
36 Silvester, OliverNorth West Sydney Cricket Club520000
37 Akle, SebastianNorth West Sydney Cricket Club420000
38 Thorncraft, BradleyGeorges River Cricket Club420000
39 Cotton, MitchellSydney University Cricket Club520000
40 Wright, JoshuaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club521011
41 Takacs, Luke ERandwick Petersham Cricket Club320001
42 Nicholls, Flynn CPenrith Cricket Club220000
43 Dharman, VijayakumarMosman Cricket Club320000
44 Watts, LukeWarringah Cricket Club520000
45 Zhang-Langley, FlindersSydney University Cricket Club120000
46 Ritchie, JoelSydney University Cricket Club620000
47 Brewster, WillWarringah Cricket Club220000
48 Howard, Oscar GUniversity of NSW Cricket Club420000
49 SUBRAMANIAN, ShanmuganHawkesbury Cricket Club620010
50 Peschke, Dane WBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club320000
51 Goldsworthy, OliverWarringah Cricket Club520000
52 Kimber, BenjaminNorth West Sydney Cricket Club620010
53 Suters, Andrew MNorth West Sydney Cricket Club520001
54 Tiwari, AdityaRandwick Petersham Cricket Club120000
55 Lambert, MilanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club320000
56 Sidhu, AlexSydney University Cricket Club220000
57 Rajpal, ArjunPenrith Cricket Club520000
58 Macdonald, ThomasNorth West Sydney Cricket Club520002
59 Phillips, MichaelNorth West Sydney Cricket Club620000
60 Zammit, LiamHawkesbury Cricket Club210000
61 Miles, MurraySydney University Cricket Club310000
62 Ahire, ValmikRandwick Petersham Cricket Club810000
63 Connolly, SamuelRandwick Petersham Cricket Club210000
64 Gee, LachlanGordon Cricket Club210001
65 McLean, Cooper JPenrith Cricket Club410000
66 Singh, RanbirPenrith Cricket Club310000
67 Brar, DamanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club310000
68 Raza, SaimBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club210000
69 Singh, JashanveerSydney University Cricket Club610000
70 Macic, AdamNorth West Sydney Cricket Club810000
71 Poon, EvanMosman Cricket Club210000
72 Millard, RyanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club410000
73 Akbarally, VehaanWarringah Cricket Club410000
74 McDonald, HaydenBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club310000
75 Sharma, RitvikGordon Cricket Club110000
76 Osbourne, RyanWarringah Cricket Club110000
77 Evans, ElliotMosman Cricket Club610000
78 Horne, PatrickHawkesbury Cricket Club310000
79 Pawar, SwapnilGeorges River Cricket Club510000
80 James, BenMosman Cricket Club610000
81 Dissanayake, CharanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club110000
82 Siddiqui, UzairMosman Cricket Club210000
83 Desai, NimeshRandwick Petersham Cricket Club810000
84 Slack, NicholasMosman Cricket Club310000
85 Dellow, DanielNorth West Sydney Cricket Club710000
86 Bansal, ManasGordon Cricket Club310001
87 Izzard, JackHawkesbury Cricket Club610000
88 Hield, Patrick JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club110000
89 Simmons, SamualPenrith Cricket Club510010
90 Kanbargimath, NeelNorth West Sydney Cricket Club510000
91 Ravi, AathavanPenrith Cricket Club410000
92 Ansari, AmaanGeorges River Cricket Club310000
93 Vajhula, ShauryaBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club310000
94 Stevens, NicholasGeorges River Cricket Club511010
95 Patel, JayRandwick Petersham Cricket Club710000
96 Blanda, NicholasGeorges River Cricket Club310000
97 Gowthorp, AlexGordon Cricket Club210000
98 Foote, JackHawkesbury Cricket Club710010
99 Burgess, LukeWarringah Cricket Club310000
100 Bhandari, MaanavGordon Cricket Club310000
101 Daji, KaylinMosman Cricket Club310000
102 Caston, FlynnPenrith Cricket Club210000
103 Gray, LaytonPenrith Cricket Club210000
104 Kooner, EthanSydney University Cricket Club110000
105 Phillips, BlakeBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club410000
106 Partol, EkkamBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club310000
107 Mayer, OscarPenrith Cricket Club510000
108 Madan, AayushGordon Cricket Club110000
109 Kathriarachchi, RaveenSydney University Cricket Club410000
110 Pavey, JamieUniversity of NSW Cricket Club510010
111 Chandrasekar, ShrisaiBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club310000
112 Bhat, AshishRandwick Petersham Cricket Club310000
113 Forrester, WilliamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club610000
114 Southwell, KenziGordon Cricket Club210000
115 Wadhera, ShivamSydney University Cricket Club410000
116 Gajula, PawanPenrith Cricket Club110000
117 Padavala, AkashRandwick Petersham Cricket Club610000
118 Ranganath, Abhay TGeorges River Cricket Club210000
119 Loong, MichaelGordon Cricket Club210000
120 Purbiya, VikasGeorges River Cricket Club410000
121 Asher, RishabhNorth West Sydney Cricket Club310000
122 Farooqi, MikayelHawkesbury Cricket Club710000
123 Manikandan, VaibhavMosman Cricket Club410000
124 Vasamsetti, SusrithMosman Cricket Club110000
125 Dhaliwal, Harkeerat SinghPenrith Cricket Club210000
126 Kisbee, AidenHawkesbury Cricket Club714220
127 Rasool, MuhammadGeorges River Cricket Club510000
128 Vicary, JoshHawkesbury Cricket Club110000
129 Haugh, JoshuaSydney University Cricket Club711010
130 Goonaratne, MenujaUniversity of NSW Cricket Club110000
131 Gomesz, CameronPenrith Cricket Club510000
132 Whalebone, FreddyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club110000
133 Boxshall, BenHawkesbury Cricket Club210010
134 Gibson, ThomasRandwick Petersham Cricket Club410000
135 Kolic, ThomasNorth West Sydney Cricket Club410010
136 Sharma, IshanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club110000
137 Kuchel, MattWarringah Cricket Club310010
138 Ferretti, AlexMosman Cricket Club310000
139 Patterson, OscarGordon Cricket Club210000
140 Randell, ToddNorth West Sydney Cricket Club300000
141 Jeffery, PhilipNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
142 Weaver, Michael JGordon Cricket Club500000
143 Jior, DamandeepPenrith Cricket Club200010
144 Kasmar, NoahWarringah Cricket Club200000
145 Kennedy, Riley MMosman Cricket Club100000
146 Lupton, John CUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000
147 Whitcombe, MarleyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club300000
148 Dodd, WilliamRandwick Petersham Cricket Club100000
149 Manzie, Clive AUniversity of NSW Cricket Club300000
150 Liguory, MichaelRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
151 Robinson, CodyPenrith Cricket Club100101
152 Hocking, Benjamin JGordon Cricket Club200000
153 Bhooi, RoopBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club300000
154 Mengi, YuvrajRandwick Petersham Cricket Club400000
155 Callow, AntonWarringah Cricket Club100000
156 Tripathi, TanayHawkesbury Cricket Club700010
157 Khunmuang, TigerGordon Cricket Club000000
158 GIBBONS, JohnNorth West Sydney Cricket Club000000
159 O'Brien, JosiahPenrith Cricket Club200000
160 Senaratna, Nikhil RUniversity of NSW Cricket Club000000
161 Nemec, James RMosman Cricket Club400010
162 Wright, SamMosman Cricket Club100000
163 Motalla, ChaitanyaUniversity of NSW Cricket Club600000
164 Hitchen, FergusMosman Cricket Club400010
165 Sud, AryamanSydney University Cricket Club300000
166 Allen, BlakeHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
167 Broschofsky, MichaelNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
168 Voleti, AdityaGordon Cricket Club100000
169 Joshi, RohanSydney University Cricket Club401010
170 Powell, MaximilianSydney University Cricket Club300000
171 Kropman, ThomasNorth West Sydney Cricket Club200000
172 Jacobs, LachlanHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
173 De Silva, CharithRandwick Petersham Cricket Club500000
174 Fergusson, OliverSydney University Cricket Club601001
175 Prasanna Kumar, Dilip KumarNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100010
176 Raine, CharlesSydney University Cricket Club200000
177 Walker, William TUniversity of NSW Cricket Club200000
178 Manson-Lill, JackSydney University Cricket Club400000
179 O'Sullivan, HarryWarringah Cricket Club200000
180 Eldridge, HunterRandwick Petersham Cricket Club400000
181 Berry, JackWarringah Cricket Club100000
182 Dent, RaymondPenrith Cricket Club300100
183 Chan, JamesSydney University Cricket Club502000
184 Litchfield, CotterRandwick Petersham Cricket Club000000
185 Aylmer, DarcyMosman Cricket Club101100
186 Margetson, CarterSydney University Cricket Club200000
187 Rochford, ArchieWarringah Cricket Club200000
188 Douglas, JaedenGordon Cricket Club000000
189 Mulcahy, Tyler WWarringah Cricket Club200010
190 GILL, ShaanWarringah Cricket Club400000
191 Shyamsundar, RehaanSydney University Cricket Club200000
192 Balasubramanian, SabharinathNorth West Sydney Cricket Club101000
193 Adhikari, ShashwatGordon Cricket Club500000
194 Sharma, ShervinRandwick Petersham Cricket Club500000
195 Sivaramakrishnan, HarishNorth West Sydney Cricket Club400000
196 Gandham, Veera VankataGaneshSiva PrasadNorth West Sydney Cricket Club400000
197 Rachamadugu, Sai Dileep RaoNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
198 KEDIA, AshishGeorges River Cricket Club500000
199 Pymble, CarlWarringah Cricket Club300000
200 Finemore, Taran GPenrith Cricket Club100000
201 Kapila, ArshNorth West Sydney Cricket Club401000
202 Searle, JaykeHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
203 Agrawal, KabirUniversity of NSW Cricket Club100000
204 Woodward, NicholasGordon Cricket Club100000
205 Watson, RohanGordon Cricket Club100000
206 Sherwood, WilliamPenrith Cricket Club100000
207 Dodd, JacksonRandwick Petersham Cricket Club100000
208 Sherriff, CoreyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
209 May, HarryGordon Cricket Club400000
210 Dalvi, YuvrajSydney University Cricket Club500000
211 Thokala, NikhilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club200000
212 Ristevski, AlexanderGeorges River Cricket Club100000
213 Cole, TomWarringah Cricket Club700000
214 Maharaj, AvijaySydney University Cricket Club100000
215 Vasani, DhavalSydney University Cricket Club200000
216 Ballard, MasonSydney University Cricket Club600010
217 Peters, FrederickHawkesbury Cricket Club000000
218 Gutla, JacinthBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club300000
219 Patel, DhairyaSydney University Cricket Club100000
220 Singh, GurpartaapHawkesbury Cricket Club400000
221 Parthenis, ChristopherGeorges River Cricket Club100000
222 Hussain, Mohammad SNorth West Sydney Cricket Club600000
223 Dasanayake, Don Dulaj MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club300000
224 Ahmed, Mohammad IUniversity of NSW Cricket Club200000
225 Khan, AzizPenrith Cricket Club200010
226 Ng, JeremyGeorges River Cricket Club000000
227 Frost, PaulMosman Cricket Club100000
228 Chandler-Evans, Oliver RMosman Cricket Club402021
229 Karandeniya, Dinuk MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club402000
230 Ottavio, StefanoUniversity of NSW Cricket Club200000
231 Hughes, Angus JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club400000
232 Wallace, CameronHawkesbury Cricket Club600000
233 Roeder, Jake SHawkesbury Cricket Club300000
234 Arvind, SaaranganSydney University Cricket Club100000
235 Taylor, AshtonSydney University Cricket Club600000
236 Williams, StirlingRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
237 Dole, AmaanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club700010
238 Tesoriero, AngusMosman Cricket Club100001
239 Gandhi, VivaanGordon Cricket Club000000
240 Giles, RaphaelSydney University Cricket Club400000
241 Mohsin, HasanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club300000
242 Nagarajan, KarthicGeorges River Cricket Club000000
243 Saeed, AzharSydney University Cricket Club100000
244 Sira, SumairHawkesbury Cricket Club200000
245 Verma, HimanshuWarringah Cricket Club100000
246 Singh, AbhishekGordon Cricket Club100000
247 Varatharajah, RajprasanythSydney University Cricket Club300000
248 Wijenayake, IshwaGordon Cricket Club200000
249 Holland, AlexGordon Cricket Club100000
250 Frost, BrodieMosman Cricket Club100000
251 Kirk, OscarSydney University Cricket Club000000
252 Chowdhury, Fidah WUniversity of NSW Cricket Club300000
253 Davies, KevinWarringah Cricket Club102000
254 Sharples, Hwi WUniversity of NSW Cricket Club200000
255 Toogood, JamesGeorges River Cricket Club200000
256 Mitchell, HamishPenrith Cricket Club000000
257 Kore, Sean MGeorges River Cricket Club100000
258 Prasan, Nirav NUniversity of NSW Cricket Club404000
259 Sinclair, OscarSydney University Cricket Club000000
260 Kean, CampbellPenrith Cricket Club403020
261 Levitas, JoshuaSydney University Cricket Club100000
262 Turner, OscarGordon Cricket Club200000
263 Balbi, MosesBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club200000
264 Boyd, Lachlan JHawkesbury Cricket Club200000
265 Thompson, MaxWarringah Cricket Club100010
266 Sinclair, DanielBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000
267 Bisht, MehulHawkesbury Cricket Club200000
268 Woods, JackGordon Cricket Club200000
269 Meadham, LukePenrith Cricket Club100000
270 Kapoor, MylesWarringah Cricket Club100000
271 Syed, AzaanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club300000
272 Manthu, VikramNorth West Sydney Cricket Club400000
273 Girhe, AmeyaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club201100
274 Gunaratnam, AndrewGeorges River Cricket Club300000
275 Loynes, James SGordon Cricket Club503000
276 Tuckfield, Hugo FUniversity of NSW Cricket Club400000
277 Jastrzab, JeremyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club806031
278 Tapia, ZaeemMosman Cricket Club500000
279 Tan, Jonathan JUniversity of NSW Cricket Club100000
280 Sharp, SebastianMosman Cricket Club200000
281 Brandl, RileyPenrith Cricket Club300000
282 Bensemann, JackNorth West Sydney Cricket Club402000
283 Saki, MadhavHawkesbury Cricket Club300000
284 Madala, CharanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
285 Hemadri, NikhilBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club200000
286 Soni-Abayakoon, RaviSydney University Cricket Club300000
287 Brinnand, MattHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
288 Sidhu, ArmaanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
289 Hughes, EzekielGordon Cricket Club100000
290 Steinberg, RoryRandwick Petersham Cricket Club402201
291 Kumar, ArmaanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000
292 Hule, DakshBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club405000
293 Fitzgerald, StuartMosman Cricket Club400010
294 Gowda, ThanayRandwick Petersham Cricket Club100000
295 Burke, HarryWarringah Cricket Club301000
296 Gandhi, Hirav MUniversity of NSW Cricket Club400000
297 Sharma, HurshwinWarringah Cricket Club100000
298 Macfarlane, HaydenWarringah Cricket Club100000
299 Singh, ArjunBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club500000
300 Curtis-Burton, RyanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club600010
301 Bunting, Nicholas BBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000
302 Frost, CameronMosman Cricket Club200010
303 Pillai, Darsh SRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200200
304 Kingston, DaneGeorges River Cricket Club100000
305 Brown, ChrisMosman Cricket Club100000
306 RAJENDRAN PRAVEEN, VigneshNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
307 Goyal, RishabhRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
308 Penugodu, Rohith CUniversity of NSW Cricket Club500000
309 Rangappa, Ranganatha MGeorges River Cricket Club000000
310 Green, MackenzieMosman Cricket Club200000
311 Kotha, SahithMosman Cricket Club300000
312 SENEVIRATHNE, DINITHANorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
313 Spring, Andrew JGordon Cricket Club100000
314 Shanahan, MitchellPenrith Cricket Club000000
315 Sinclair, RonBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club100000
316 Majji, SivaNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
317 Coates-Grayson, BenjaminUniversity of NSW Cricket Club100001
318 Murata-Davison, SentarouWarringah Cricket Club500000
319 Reid, ZacharyWarringah Cricket Club201101
320 O'Sullivan, ZachWarringah Cricket Club200000
321 Chakravarty, ArjunWarringah Cricket Club200000
322 Myers, JakeGeorges River Cricket Club100000
323 Uppili, DarshBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club300000
324 Dey, DebasisNorth West Sydney Cricket Club100000
325 Dignam, MarkWarringah Cricket Club100000
326 Evans, MatthewWarringah Cricket Club400000
327 Trueman, JarrodRandwick Petersham Cricket Club704101
328 Winslow, ZackGordon Cricket Club000000
329 Aitchison, GregorRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
330 Nathan, MaxUniversity of NSW Cricket Club100000
331 Hyland, CallanGeorges River Cricket Club400000
332 Freedman, SamuelBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000
333 Fakira, JasonPenrith Cricket Club100000
334 Smith, Alexander SHawkesbury Cricket Club400000
335 Kakar, SultanBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club300000
336 Coombs, BlakeRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
337 Gill, UdeyRandwick Petersham Cricket Club100000
338 Namsani, NareshGeorges River Cricket Club000000
339 Hennessy, JackSydney University Cricket Club700000
340 Patel, KrishRandwick Petersham Cricket Club100001
341 Sherwin, TimothyGeorges River Cricket Club102000
342 Singh, ArjunBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club500000
343 Vicars, NicholasSydney University Cricket Club401010
344 Singh, TrentBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club400000
345 Donnan, JackWarringah Cricket Club100000
346 Belani, RishiHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
347 Gowda, ThanushRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
348 Worthington, Benjamin EUniversity of NSW Cricket Club100000
349 Callaway, JacobMosman Cricket Club200000
350 Robinson, Archie RRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
351 van Keulen, KeeganRandwick Petersham Cricket Club400000
352 Robinson, Toby Gordon Cricket Club000000
353 Evans, RodneyPenrith Cricket Club100000
354 Kapoor, ReubenSydney University Cricket Club302000
355 Singh, ChannpreetBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club100000
356 Foisol, ProteetBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club000000
357 Dhaliwal, HarveerPenrith Cricket Club300000
358 Ingram, MaxHawkesbury Cricket Club100000
359 Mainey, BeauGordon Cricket Club000000
360 Sumares, EliBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club100000
361 Gunesekera, WillisSydney University Cricket Club200000
362 Herbert, EvanderSydney University Cricket Club100000
363 Kamboj, AjiteshBlacktown Mounties Cricket Club200000
364 Habib, EliasGeorges River Cricket Club300000
365 Riaz, AdnanRandwick Petersham Cricket Club200000
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.